Our Story

We’ve been here a little while, since 2013 in fact, albeit dressed a little differently. Before Mönch there was Blendco. In the early days we served smoothies, really big ones, and spent our summers travelling around Victoria and New South Whales in an old smoothie van, attending as many music festivals we could.

One cold day, when no one wanted a smoothie, we decided to make superfood balls, really small ones, and spent our winter travelling around Melbourne in search of cafes. As it turned out, people really liked our balls. We went from producing 200 a week to 2000 a day and did it all by hand. 

Fast forward a few years and now with two stores and grand plans to open many more, we found ourselves torn between our love for smoothies and our love for balls, we simply couldn’t keep up with both. One particularly quiet day in store, we made the tough decision to focus on balls and leave the smoothies at home. With balls as the focus, we increased our reach, brought on a sales team and hit every café in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Soon enough we found ourselves doing the same in NSW.  

In 2018, after a complete overhaul of our business, we opened a large warehouse, found some amazing partners and began producing full time. Yet one final change remained.

Thus Mönch was born….

Long Live Monch!