We’ve been here a little while, since 2013 in fact, albeit dressed a little differently. Before Mönch there was Blendco. But don’t let the name fool you, we are as Australian as they come. Our story begins in 2013 with the purchase of an old smoothie van and a dream to buy ten more. The van was famous for two things, it’s giant smoothie buckets, and it’s bliss balls, the latter of which saw us through two Melbourne winters where smoothies had about as much appeal as iced water in Antarctica. 


Smoothies was in the name but bliss balls became the game as we recruited just about every friend we had to join the makeshift sales team. Within 2 months, our list of café’s grew from 5 to 50 with weekly orders flowing in. Soon, our wholesale bliss ball business completely outgrew our smoothie business and we had a decision to make, invest in another van or focus on bliss balls. In the end it was an easy decision and we are yet to look back. In 2018, after a complete overhaul of our business, we opened a large warehouse, found some amazing partners and began producing full time.


And why the name Mönch? As the founding father of our favourite ingredient, buckwheat, we think it’s about time Conrad Mönch had his time in the sun.

Thus Mönch was born….