what's inside?

While natural flavours, glycerines, food acids and other preserving agents increase shelf life, sweetness and create artificial flavour, we believe consumers deserve a more wholesome product. Not only is real food healthier, it’s also more fulfilling, providing the consumer with a balanced release of energy over time.




Yes they’re absolutely delicious, full of natural sweetness and a great source of fibre but unlike almost every other brand, we don’t use pre-prepared date paste, instead we use whole, premium dates in order to enhance that delicious date flavour and keep our products as fresh as possible.

Almonds, cashews and hazelnuts are three of our favourites. Providing a rich source of vitamin E, healthy unsaturated fats and fibre, we’ll always turn to these ingredients as go-to’s in our products even if that means buttering, dicing or leaving them whole.

We’re dairy free, meaning we’ll always use natures chocolate. Cacao is derived from the cacao pod and is full of natural antioxidants in the form of flavonoids. Compared with dairy milk chocolate, cacao can taste bitter when eaten alone. Fortunately we’ve come up with a few tricks so you won’t no the difference.

sea salts & powders

Not only does sea salt enhance the flavour, it also acts as a natural preservative, keeping our balls fresher for longer. 


Probiotics on the other hand are proven strains of good bacteria. Probiotics work over time to improve digestive health and immune function. 

egg whites

Egg whites naturally contain very high levels of protein resulting in the most bioavailable fit for human digestion and absorption compared to other proteins. There are also no chemical extraction processes or solvents to “isolate” or “concentrate” the protein like many dairy and vegetable sources use. Egg whites simply require a gentle pasteurisation. 


Containing 80% protein and 0% fat, they are one of the only complete sources of protein available in the world.

oils & syrups

We take our texture quite seriously. The words ‘dry’ and ‘food’ should never be used in the same sentence. In addition to oils, our use of sunflower lecithin is beneficial for more reasons than one. Not only does it hold our balls together, it is also a rich source of choline and other essential fatty acids.


With age, our natural collagen production deteriorates leading to the first signs of ageing. Collagen contributes to healthy ageing joint and bone health whilst also supporting hair, skin, nails and digestion.


Is this the world’s most versatile food? Not only can you add it into your favourite curry but you can even use it on your skin/ We’ve chosen to use it as a fibre boosting addition into our balls. Coconut is proven to support your digestive system and help you feel full to prevent overeating.